Tooth Exposure

This is the procedure where a tooth that fails to erupt into its normal position is surgically and orthodontically encouraged to erupt.

It is not uncommon that some teeth may not erupt into the mouth. The most common teeth are the upper canines but it may occur with other teeth.

In the procedure the tooth is accessed through a small hole in the gums and bone overlying the tooth. An orthodontic bracket is then usually attached and that bracket in turn is attached to the braces.

After the surgery your orthodontist will assist the tooth into its normal position.

The operation is usually quite successful but one must be aware that the tooth occasionally will not erupt and may need subsequent extraction. Also the very small arteries and veins that keep the adjacent teeth healthy may be involved in accessing the impacted tooth. If these are compromised an adjacent tooth may need root canal therapy. This is a rare risk of the procedure.