Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery) is used to straighten the jaw to achieve a more harmonious occlusion (your bite or how your teeth fit together) and facial profile. This can involve surgery on either the upper or lower jaw, or both jaws.

Corrective Jaw surgery has many benefits some of these include correcting an open bite (space between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed), unbalanced facial appearance, facial injury, birth defects and sleep apnoea. 

Corrective Jaw Surgery preparation involves clinical examination, scans, radiographs and photographs for skeletal evaluation. Your surgeon will work closely with your dentist, orthodontist and if required a restorative prosthodontist.

Airway and speech are also taken into consideration prior to surgery when deciding on which surgical procedure pathway is best suited for the patient.

Prior to surgery patients have usually had braces placed by their orthodontists.

Our surgeons will plan each and every surgery in great detail and keep the patient actively involved in the process. Projections of the surgical results are also provided prior to the surgery.