Dental Implants are generally made from titanium and are essentially a screw that is placed into the jawbone.

Dental Implants take on the role of an anchor within the mouth, which is then used to fasten ‘false teeth’ into position. They are surgically inserted into the jawbone to support the replacement teeth.

As the mouth heals, approximately two to six months after surgery, the bone and implant begin to fuse together. Small posts or abutments are then attached to the implants, which are used to anchor crowns, bridges or dentures both removable and fixed.

Dental implants provide amazing stability for patients, aiding with biting pressure as well as reducing irritation and oral ulceration generally experienced by denture wearers.

When a dental implant is perfectly constructed and fitted, no-one should have any hint that it is there!

The Surgeons of the Queensland Maxillofacial Group work closely with your dental practitioner to provide you with a wide range of implant services. We place dental implants under local anaesthetic in rooms or under a general anaesthetic in hospital.

Even if there is inadequate bone available to place an implant we can graft bone to that site to enable eventual implant placement. As technology marches on we find that bone can be stimulated to grow in sites where hardly any exist and we have been using this technology very successfully. We are also at the forefront of this important revolution with Dr Lynham holding an Adjunct Professor position at The Queensland University of Technology where with a team under Professor Dietmar Hutmacher we are developing new and wider applications of this revolutionary process.

We also work co-operatively with the Brisbane Dental Implant Group.